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  • Headliner 50 stude

    I need to put a new headliner in my 1950 studebaker. I was told that the rear split windows needed to taken out to do the job correct. Is there any way it can be done without taking out the rear window?


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    The upholstery shop that done my 48 Business coupe and 51 2door sedan didn't take the glass out. They said there was no way they would take a glass out of an old car.

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      there is a tack strip underneath the rear window rubber. I suppose you might be able to get at the tack strip by pulling down carefully on the rubber. The split rear windows are easier to take out then a one piece rear window like i did on my 51 when i replaced the headliner. If the rubber is good, it can be done if you follow the shop manual and work in the sun - heat will soften the rubber. When putting the rubber back in soak it in very hot water to soften. There may be new rubber available for those windows too. If there is, and others that have used it recommend the rubber, then take it out and do it correctly as it will be much easier to get the headliner snug. Getting it tight comes after it is all in, with a light water mist and hair dryer where there are wrinkles.