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Rear Main Seal 289

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  • Rear Main Seal 289

    Finally replaced my rear main seal and oil pan on my 63' Avanti, but there is still a small spot left under my car. Originally it was a very large spot although I really only lost a 1/4 every few months. I heard they will always leak but the key is to get it to a minimum? Is that true, or can you get it to stop completely?

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    You may need to look to the top of the engine. The oil rolls back along the engine pushed by the fan, so, that being said, is there any oil on top of the bellhousing, and the top rear of the engine? You might be missing the gasket that belongs under the distributor. If that is OK, look to the center valley cover. Do you have gasketing around the oil breather tube? What about the copper washers around the bolts that hold the center valley in place? What about the center valley gasket itself? If all that is OK, look to the valve cover gaskets. All that being said, make sure the freeze plugs are sound, and there is no seepage from the block drain plugs. Opps, forgot the drain plug.