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  • Studebaker 6-170 motor

    Hello Forum,

    I am new to this forum and have a question on my rebuild of the Studebaker 6-170 L head motor from 1945. This motor is the original to my M29C Studebaker Weasel; I had the motor rebuilt 15yrs ago and at the time the gentleman that did the work could not find replacement "valve lifter tension spring". He told me that he thought that the springs were not really necessary and it should run okay without them. Well, the motor has never been started but, I am at the point now in my restoration that the motor needs to in. Question is? Are the tension springs a must and if so are they available through any venders? I also need the freeze plug that goes into the rear of the block under the bell housing. Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.


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    Hello Mert The little "tension springs" are there in order to hold the lifter down on the camshaft for the few thousands valve clearance that the main valve spring isnt holding the lifter in contact with the cam. Should make the engine run quieter as the cam cant double slap the lifter on the way back up if the lifter didnt fall all the way down when the valve closed. I doubt if you will be able to tell that the springs are missing. Not that I have any great amount of Weasel time but I suspect that there are plenty of other "little" noises that will drown out any lifter noise that you little Champion might make.I have rebuilt plenty of 170's that were missing the springs, and cant say that they were any the worse for wear, I suspect that "back in the day" mechanics tossed them as a matter of course, since they are sometimes a bit fussy to install.

    There are 2 "freeze plugs" on the back . The upper one seals the water jacket and is a flat type, the lower one under the plate is the seal for the camshaft and it is a dish shape.. Just measure them up, any good autopart store will have them, as they are not a Studebaker specific part. DMc


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      Thanks Dean,

      That makes me feel better. I won't worry about finding a set then and install them. I will get with the auto parts guys and get a plug too. I had a full stand built on which to mount the radiator, motor and transmission so I can get the motor started and running before installing it in the Weasel; things are way to tight in the hull when the motor and transmission are in there. Starting it out will be a lot easier, that and taking care of any other problems that might come up. Thank you again for the information. Mert