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Sparking block when reving??

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  • Edsel G. Tattooer
    THanks for the Ideas I'll check them out.

    BTW could this be a cause of and intermittent hesitation off the line?

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  • Mike Van Veghten
    How are you plug wires routed ?
    Are they near the carburetor or oil line. I've seen the spark jump two or three inches in open air. Even from an old 40's ignition.

    Years ago, I did a tuneup/cleanup of my brothers 47 Ford, flathead six engine. I noticed the same thing happened when I was done. New rubber hoses, new (cloth covered) plug wires were among the list of new parts.

    Upon reving the engine, a spark from various plug wires would jump from the new plug wires to the new heater hose to the carburetor.

    Hmmm...this is all new stuff I thought...?! I installed a larger ground wire from the engine to the battery...nuthin, another from the engine to the frame...still sparks.
    So...I just rerouted the heater hose farther away from the plug wires, made a new clamp to hold the hose tightly in more spark jumping during idle or reving the engine.


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    Here's a cheap (free) test for you to do...
    Hook a jumper cable up from the block to the battery (terminal depending on positive, or negative ground)
    Watch that spark....did it disappear?
    If it did, then clean your terminals and cable mount points, or replace your cable.

    Hook one jumper cable up to the frame and the other end to the block.
    Hook the other from the engine to the body.
    Look at your headlights when you do it.
    'If' the headlight glow brightens up a bit, then add an extra ground strap (or replace the original (missing?) strap....
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  • Tom Bredehoft
    Later models have a small woven copper ground strap wrapped around the oil pressure line and secured to the firewall.

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  • Edsel G. Tattooer
    started a topic Sparking block when reving??

    Sparking block when reving??

    I noticed a spark jumping around the carb side of the engine today while fixing on the fuel pump. I noticed it coming of of a oil line from the oil pump. The engine seams to be grounded. Is there a ground strap missing possibly?

    I do have a real short like about 3 or 4 Inches long In a bucket of parts i got from the previous owner. If it belongs on the car where might this go?

    Any sugestions what I might check out to remedy this?

    I have new plug wires, New coil, Pertronix electric ignition, a new wire harness under the hood.

    Any ideas folks?

    Thanks in advance.