I bought a rebuild kit from SI for my fuel pump on my 50 commander. It worked fine untill I parked it last fall. Then I couldn't get it started to put it in the garage for the winter.so Over the course of fixing this and that I found that the bladder on the pump had pulled a piece loose from the edge where its get's clamped down around the edge. So I fixed that and now no go.

What the .... I thought it might need priming since I drained the line and tank but that isn't right either. I have a new cleaned up system. any Ideas?

I have a new electric pump I might just install.

And No I haven't ripped it out to inspect it yet, that I will do tomorrow.


I had to delete a plastic fuel filter that had a really small crack in it. Prime the system by Blowing air into the gas tank and hold it long enough for the fuel to reach the float in the Carburetor and roar! My toy is running for the summer!!!!