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R2 sticks on fast idle

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  • R2 sticks on fast idle

    I have a 1963 R2 GT Hawk with a 4 speed that has been running good for the past few years and I drive it
    about 200 miles per year.
    The last time I drove it I found that, with the engine fully warm, the carb sticks on fast idle unless I tap the
    accelerator pedal. This gets old when driving through town and having to tap the throttle at every stop
    sign to get the engine to slow down.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!
    Thank you very much!!
    Terry Stinehelfer
    Bucyrus, OH

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    There lots of places for the linkage to stick. I don't know if the Hawk uses a return spring from the bellcrank to the valve cover but the right spring there helps a lot. Also, the swivel end itself at the carb can get 'bindy' if it's cocked or worn. I've had binding accel pump linkage and problems with the linkage at the pedal so it could be anywhere.

    Start by disconnecting the linkage from the carb and feel for any binding there/ Hooking a light spring to the carb without the linkage hooked up and opening and closing only a little can reveal sticky carb linkage. Opening all the way and letting it snap close will hide a problem so just a little at a time is the way to go. Then start working back feeling for a snag along the pedal to carb linkage itself.

    If you find nothing then play with spring tension and positioning.



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      Hi Terry,200 mpy is much much to few
      your gasoline is getting of very bad quality in this way
      there are chemicals that will prevent such,use them or drive at least ten times more,regards
      Dick Waterreus