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power steering valve leak question

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  • power steering valve leak question

    I pinpointed the leak on my power steering valve to where the pitman arm attachment enters the valve. There is a little sliding plate that surrounds this area and fluid is leaking out of the hole and flowing under that plate.

    Why would it leak from this location? I rebuilt the valve in the car last year. Maybe I didn't install the parts correctly?

    I noticed a grease fitting near the pitman arm to valve location. I haven't pumped any grease in there yet.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Don't over grease that area. Use hand grease gun about once every five years.


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      Every five years?

      That area should get it's shot of lube every time car goes in for it's LOF........just because car see's little mileage is no excuse........grease gets hard.


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        The fluid has to be by-passing the front seal of the valve spindle if you are seeing a leak at that location. There are 2 possibilities - the valve bore or spindle seal area are scored, or the front seal has been put in backwards. Best to take the valve spindle out for a thorough inspection.


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          What kind of grease do I use? Also, how much do I pump in? Will I see it exit somewhere and is that a sign to stop? (Sort of like the suspension grease points?)
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            The grease will ooze out around the steel slide cover. The grease simply lubricates the ball on the end of the pitman arm so when you see grease exiting, then stop. I don't believe you can overgrease the joint. It just gets messy if you do.