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6 cyl compatability

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  • 6 cyl compatability

    Anyone know if a 54 170cid will fit into a 47 PU?

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    Did the 54 come out of a truck? The starters were on the opposite side on some (all?) trucks, so you might have to re-wire, or dial in a truck bell housing.
    Mike Sal


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      Yes they will , the only problem I've seen is the pan has the sump forward in the cars I came across and the back for the M series trucks you may have to take the pan and pickup tube for the oil pump off the old motor and put it on the newer 170 if it isn't already a rear sump. Parts for the 170's are still pretty plentyfull so you shouldn't have to much trouble. The 170's aren't very powerfull but their a tough little motor and hold together pretty will.

      Also if you had the big six originally, the 170 wouldn't bolt up to your bellhousing. Most of the 1/2 ton M's were the smaller motor the 170 so heres hoping everything works out for you. When I was a kid I missed aorund with 41 to 49 170's and they all interchanged .I have a 59 lark 170 in my shop now and it came out of a early truck so they work pretty much no matter what year you have very little was changed on the 170's.

      My M series had the 170 with the original 3 on the floor.