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  • Automatic Drive Transmission Tools

    I am looking to purchase the Auto Drive Trans Tools, particularly the alignment tool to mate the torque converter to the trans...I have a 1950 Land Cruiser. The engine and trans were removed as a unit, and I hesitate to separate them unless I have the alignment tool (or a proven alternative to ensure all items are properly aligned) to make sure the re-mating goes well.

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    To make a very long story short, the allignment is like a flat screwdriver blade (albeit with a big slot in the middle) going into a very wide screw slot (ditto wide slot in the middle.)

    As you remove the tranny (sitting on the garage floor) note the cylinder (about 1 1/2 inch in diameter) with two extensions on it. The extensions are about 1/2 inch wide, each.

    This cylinder fits inside a slightly larger cylinder in the torque converter, which has nearly matching extensions in the end.

    Picture this, the two sets of extensions intersect, and allow about 1/3 turn rotation.

    A (very clean) hack saw blade can be inserted into the torque converter to determine where the two extensions are, locate them vertically, (one on top, one on the bottom). orient the like pieces on the transmission horizontally.
    Mount the torque converter on the engine, maintaining the vertical orientation,
    Mount the bell housing, torque it's screws.
    Obtain two screws that will screw into the top holes of the transmission mounting holes, (with their heads sawn off and slots hacksawed into the ends like screw driver slots.)
    Position the transmission (with it's horizontal orientation) so that the input shaft enters the torque converter and the two screws enter the top mounting holes. Slide the two together. They will probably lock up wiht about 1/4 inch to go. Jostle the transmission, turn the output shaft while maintaining some pressure toward the engine. Suddenly it will pop into place. Put the two bottom bolts in, remove the screws on top, and put their screws in.

    You have assembled the transmission without the alignment tool.


    I know, because I did it this way.


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      Thank you, that I know that I can realign without the tools, I will be disassembling the tranny from the engine.


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        Hey Scotty Bob,

        I have a full set of automatic drive tools. You are in Ronks, Lancaster County; I'm in Hummelstown, Dauphin County. I'm in the phone book. Give me a call.
        Kindest regards,

        Alan Mende
        Grantville, PA

        I'm not a mechanic; I don't even play one on TV.


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          I will give you a call, Alan...thank you for the reply...