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  • 61 Hawk Turn Signals

    Can the unit that the wires attach to be disassembled? I don't need to replace the switch itself, it works. The plastic piece that operates with the cancel mechanism is broken and the switch comes on when I hit a bump. I have another switch, but I would like to just replace the cam if possible. I just finished rewiring under the dash and don't want to go thru that again if I can help it. Thanks-J.R.Lemke

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    Yes, J.R., that cam is replacable, and available from Stude Vendors. Follow the instructions, as the cam is a universal. Also, be careful disassembling the switch, as there are a bunch of little parts in it. If you reassemble the turn signal and start having brake light problems(one side works, but not the other), than something inside the switch is broken and the switch needs to be replaced


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      You can take a small right angle screwdriver and very slowly and carefully pry the cam off the shaft. I've done it more than once. Be sure the switch remains screwed down while you do this. Your brake lights also are subject to malfunction if the innards of the switch aren't making the proper contacts. Messing with the small brass parts in the switch is a recipe for disaster. Take my word for it. been there and screwed up that.