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57 Silver Hawk 6 Cly needs help

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  • 57 Silver Hawk 6 Cly needs help

    I just installed a new 9" clutch and pressure plate, through out bearing, changed and resurfaced a diferent fly wheel as I had a small 8" clutch before, last when I installed the new Cathcart engine with stage 4 set up , more power, however the clutch started to slip after 5,000 miles, I decided to go to the larger size, but now two days before leaving to go to Glendale I can not disengage the clutch, If I start in neutral, I can't change into any gear, If I start in first I cant get out of first, What do you think is wrong? Is a 9" clutch set up different in the bell housing? or forks to the through out bearing? do you think the clutch is stuck on the splines? it apeared to move frealy when we had it out, I have run out of time to take it to Glendale, so will have to resort to my brand !@#$%&() x Chev HHR signed frustrated
    Evan Severson

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    I'm more inclined to say the new disc stuck to the newly resurfaced flywheel. Try this: Put teh car in first, ho,d the clutch down, and try to start the car. That might be enough to unstick it.
    Ron Dame
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      I have tried that several times, even took off around the block like a young kid, what I did in 1957, still not able to separate.
      Evan Severson


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        I am thinking that you have a linkage problem meaning that something came unwelded and is just rotating on the shaft. I am remembering that thoe linkages used split pins and pins with cotters in a couple spots. Have you checked to see that yu have not simply sheared a pin?
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