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truck wheels

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  • truck wheels

    Hi to all readers,
    Does anybody know the name of the manufacturor of the 1950's truck wheels?
    Thanks,Dick Waterreus

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    Budd. The 4.5 x 16" wheels were UWRA number 33715-E.
    Skip Lackie


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      Skip do you mean NWRA?


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        Yup. Typing was the only course I flunked in high school.
        Skip Lackie


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          Hi Skip,are those splitring ore 1piece?


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            One piece, passenger car, tube-type, made for 6.00 x 16 tires, a common passenger car tire size at the time. 5 x 5" bolt pattern. Split ring wheels were only used on the larger trucks (one-ton and above, I think).
            Skip Lackie


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              You can also put 6.50-16 bias ply tires on the 16x4.5" rims if you want to sit up high and reduce engine rpms. P215/85-R16 are the best match in a radial tire for the 4.5" wide rims, though tire manufacturers don't officially recommend that size on the skinny rims. There are also 15x6" wide wheels with the same 5-on-5 bolt pattern that will take modern radial a little better and you'll sit a little lower. I don't know the Budd/NWRA number for those. Don't go too wide on the tires.
              Gary Ash
              Dartmouth, Mass.

              '32 Indy car replica (in progress)
              ’41 Commander Land Cruiser
              '48 M5
              '65 Wagonaire Commander
              '63 Wagonaire Standard
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                RE: Truck wheels

                I am running the stock 4.5" x 16" wheels on my 1/2 ton Transtar. I have 215/85R16 tires mounted. It runs and handles great and holds the road well. SASCO had advertised these wheels f/s last summer before SI took them over, so I assume you can still get new ones if you contact their SB store.
                Mark Hayden
                '66 Commander
                Zone Coordinator
                Pacific Can-Am Zone


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                  Thanks for your answers.
                  My specific qeustion is about the 2R 15 truck with 17 inch wheels.
                  Thanks,Dick Waterreus