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wcfb air cleaner

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  • wcfb air cleaner

    A while back, someone said they found a adapter and aftermarket air cleaner to fit the wcfb carb. I would appreciate the information and if possible a picture and where to get them. Thanks

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    Search function worked first time,



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      You'll find that, after a month or so, the Mr. gasket adapter, being made of plastic, will succumb to the engine heat and cave in. You can fabricate one out of metal with a little work.
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        I had that same problem on my 62 Champ i was lucky the person i bought the carb from had the metal
        adapter i needed.


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          Get that adapter then in the Jegs catalog part #865-9849 there's a nice right angle unit to fit your aftermarket cold air intake of your choice. There are also several tubes to help you rout that. That was the only option for me as the generator and oil tube was in the way for the nice Amsoil EAAR nanofiber intake aircleaner.

          I also see the search functon works now but didnt have much luck with that in the old forum. Glad the blokes upgraded!