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T-96 1A transmission

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  • T-96 1A transmission

    I'm looking to upgrade my 51 champion from 3 speed to 3 speed w/OD, and I have an opportunity to get a T-96 1A transmission... Any idea what the 1A refers to? Is this the correct transmission for my 170 ci champion?

    I've seen a few transmissions available, but shipping/transporting seems to be a stumbling block, so if anyone knows of a "correct" transmission for me in the area of Las Vegas, let me know! Thanks.

    Las Vegas, NV
    '51 Champion Business Coupe

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    T-96 is the model number of the transmission as assigned by Borg-Warner.
    "1" is the group number/casting number for the main case. The suffix letter indicates what application it's used for.

    I went out to the barn and checked: T-96 1A is an overdrive main case; T-96 1 is a straight 3 speed. In addition, the rear (overdrive) housing should be marked R10A-1E, or R10B-1E.

    Ask your seller if the rear housing is so marked. Also, you should be getting the solenoid, a large cylinder which mounts to the rear of the shift levers, and governor, a smaller cylinder which mounts low on the opposite side of the O/D housing. Get a complete transmission at least. You can make up substitutes for the control cable and relay if need be, the governor and solenoid not so.
    Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands
    Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands