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1954 transmission

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  • 1954 transmission


    Here is what I have discovered regarding the ****fting problems with my 54 Commander automatic.

    I am batting 500 at this point. The reason the transmission was slamming into gear when shifting out of park was indeed that the idle was to high. In checking the idle speed with the car warmed up showed that it was almost 700 rpm while in the drive mode. I could adjust it down but once the car was driven the idle speed was back up. I was running out of idle adjust screw when I noticed that the carburetor linkage was not making contact with the dashpot. It seems that the dashpot was adjusted correctly but the throttle return spring was not strong enough to pull the linkage back and activate the dashpot. I replaced the return spring and now the the car idles at it should and when shifting from park to drive everything is smooth. With regard to the transmission clunking when shifting from 2nd to 3rd this problem has not yet been resolved, but I do know what it is not. It is not the rear hubs and I am 99% sure it is coming from the transmission as it only happens when the car is cold. Once warmed up the metal to metal sound stops but it still does not shift real smooth. I did change the trans fluid but to no avail. I purchased the automatic transmission manual and followed the instuctions for adjusting the lever on the back of the transmission, this helped some as it now shifts sooner and a bit smoother. I'll perservere

    Thanks for all the great help Mark

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    Mark, I have two different vintage Automatic Drive service manuals for this tranny. I've looked thru both of them and can't find mention of the sort of phenomenon you're describing. Hope you sort it out and share what you find!

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