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Wrong Pinion Seal??

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  • Wrong Pinion Seal??

    I recently asked if anyone had an idea why I continually have this problem with my pinion seal leaking and got a lot of advise. I checked on everything that I was advised of and have found the problem. Now I need a solution.
    My pinion seal isn't really leaking. The oil is coming out from the perimeter of the seal where it contacts the housing. I feel sure that I have put three consectutive wrong seals in and have no clue what I need to get.
    As I had said before, the new seal looks different, but fits. The old seal, which I think was original to the car, had a gasket behind it that the new one didn't come with. I have all three times tried to use the old gasket, but it is very difficult to keep in place and I don't think the new seal is even making contact with it anyway. The last seal I put in, I suspected that the leak may have come from the outside of the seal, so I used a little sealant on the housing when installing. That has not worked.
    Does anyone know what I can do or knows what seal I may need (part no#) I sure would appreaciate it
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    I know this may sound strange and by no means intended to dispute your mechanical abilities, but, did mention that you thought the seal you removed "appeared" to be the original? If so, the new replacement seals you have bought may very well be different in appearance and design. Just to make sure, always remember, the "lip" on the neoprene part of the seal goes toward the oil. I've installed lots of these seals, most of the times the gasket you refer to is already missing...just a good coat of RTV or #2 Permatex works...I've never had one leak there. Again please don't mis-interpet my response. Hope this helps

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      Check the bore of the housing (where the seal seats). Someone in a past attempt may have gouged that area with a tool they were trying to drive in between the seal and housing.

      Dwain G.
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        No problem, Dan. The gasket is useless with the new seal. I used the sealer on the perimeter of the seal.It still leaked. The painted side is out and the unpainted side went toward the pinion. I've done this half a dozen times on other cars with no problem, but then again, this isn't a car, it's a Studebaker. This is the car that misteriously pulled left for no reason for two years and then just as misteriously stopped one day. I think it was trying to go back to South Bend and now that it knows I'm selling it, it stopped trying to run away. Maybe when I get home I'll tell it that I can't sell it until this oil leak stops and see what happens.
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        63 R2 Avanti