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Reasonably priced chromeing

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  • Reasonably priced chromeing

    I'm wanting to get my "Gran Turisimo's} rechromed but Everyone wants so much I just am going to paint them silver. Anyone know where to get Chromeing done reasonably?

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    Where are you at Buck? So we know where to send you sometimes shipping costs more than the chrome.


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      This has been addressed on several prior threads. Rechroming prices have gone nuts over the past ten years primarily because of the government regulations on the toxic waste it produces. The quality shops have had the steady income to invest in meeting the requirements and have had that much more demand for their services, while the small shops have had to shut down (not necessarily because of their quality, but their volume).
      The shops that have remained in business have been able to not only meet the government standards but increase their rates because they are one of the few games in town.
      The shop I have used for years is getting beyond my means.

      Quality costs but, when someone who knows they do a good job becomes full of themselves, there's always someone else who does an equally good-or better-job but is a little more hungry.

      I would suggest contacting members of your local chapter who have had years of restoration experience to find out who they use and recommend, who they used to use and no longer recommend.

      I've not ruled out LiBrandi's, but I'm shopping.

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        This chrome situation is crazy. I live in an area where there are 3-4 hundred thousand people in the surrounding area, LOTS of antique car, truck and motorcycle entusiasts---and no chrome shop! Several places doing aluminum polishing and powdercoating, but no plating. Kind of crazy! Seems like there out to be a way to meet gub'ment requirements and the demand for chroming, and do quality work for decent prices, don't you think?


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          I have thrown in the towel on chrome. Except for small pieces in excellent condition, I will get everything powdercoated from now on. There are some new coatings which do a creditable job, and besides there are few places where body-colored won't do just as well. (We're talking "drivers" here, of course....)

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            For those willing to ship to the east coast .....

            Castle Metal Finishing
            Hudson, Mass.

            This fellow does excellent work and one does not need to take out a second on the house!

            I know they do most of the chrome work for WCD Garage in Northboro, Mass.........additionally Thibeault rates their work as A-1![][][]


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              Like was stated before, location will mean a lot for a recommendation. I'm in Kansas City and just got a quote from a place here called A&A Bumper to straighten and rechrome a couple of '64 Lark bumpers I have. This outfit is very reputable and does show quality chrome. They also list in Hemmings. Quote was $285 ea and 3 week turnaround. (816)-833-0045
              I contacted Jerry Forrester from the newsgroup and a SDC member about it also. He is down in Georgia so shipping was an issue there, but he said my quote was right in line with what his books priced it. He gives a discount to newsgroup members but with shipping it's still cheaper for me to stay local in KC.

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                quote:Originally posted by Alan

                Where are you at Buck? So we know where to send you sometimes shipping costs more than the chrome.
                According to his user profile Buck is from Rembert SC.

                John Clements
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                John Clements
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                  Reasonably priced chroming. That's an oxymoron like Military Intelligence.[xx(]

                  I recently lost several expensive NOS parts I let a friend take to a chrome shop where he had a "deal" going.[}] I got my parts back - chromed and somewhat shiny. What was once pristine, unplated (and therefor UN-pitted) pot metal was now, shiny, knife-edged and woefully distorted candidates for the trash can. But hey! The chroming only cost me $25 bucks apiece! We won't talk about the 60-something I had paid for each one when I bought them bare.[xx(]
                  Easy to say that you get what you pay for, BUT..... I've been STUNG for big bucks too. Get some references before you hand over your precious metal. At any price.

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                    I JUST dropped my front and rear Avanti bumpers off at Vernes over in
                    Gardena, Ca. The total price was $650 bucks for all 4 pieces. That
                    includes straightening a bumper jack DENT on the bottom of the front
                    bumper, and grinding the HUGE rust spot off the rear bumper and then
                    filling the rust pits. Personally, I didnt think that was too bad.
                    The guys are recommended by Jon Myer, and a few guys on the Impala SS
                    forum. They seemed nice enough too. Give them a call.


                    Make sure you REALLY do your research on powder coating. Its NOT as
                    strong a finish as was originally advertised. When it DOES chip, it
                    is VERY hard to repair - usually requiring the whole piece to be done
                    again. I shopped around a little on "black chrome" for the Avanti
                    bumpers, and found out that its nothing more then a powdercoat. For
                    some places its OK, but bumpers get rocks hitting them quite often, so
                    you dont want a bumper full of rock chips![xx(]

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                      Had a friend,now dead, who lived in southeran California. He sent his metal into a place in Mexico. He said a good price and a good finished product. Anyone ever try Mexico or hear of stories about Mexico replating?


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                        Jerry Forrester is a great guy and does nice work. Here's his ebay store. You can email him through it.


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                          Only Mexican upholstery and you have to stay there and watch them as they do it. But I don't want to get into that one.