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51 Champ Engine Front Mount Bolt Touque Spec.

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  • 51 Champ Engine Front Mount Bolt Touque Spec.

    I have been unable to find the torque spec for the 3/8-24 nuts which hold the front motor mounts on the engine. They are held on with 3/8-16 studs which go into the engine and then with 3/8-24 nuts and locking nuts to hold the brackets. I set them to 35 ft. lbs. I am also wondering about the torque spec for the four bolts which hold the rear motor mount in place. The two small ones which attach the mount to the frame and the two large ones which hold the bell housing to the mount. Any help would be appreciated.

    Jerry Johnson

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    So-called non-critical fasteners like these don't generally have a torque value shown in the repair manual. There is a formula for figuring this out, but it's much easier to simply use a chart that lists the standard torque values of various grade fasteners. This one illustrates the bolt-head markings also:

    Dwain G.


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      just to add to what Dwain said, most fasteners on a Stude were Grade 5 from the factory; the only exception I can think of off the top of my head would be the bellcrank pinch bolt which is Grade 8. Even the head bolts appear to be standard Grade 5 cap screws! (makes life easy, it does...)


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      55 Commander Starlight


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          I know a young fella that wrenches on his Stude and when he tightens something - it's tight - or broke.[V] He goes by the notion that if you can still force the wrench to move, it's not tight. Of course, he seems a bit surprized when the bolt shears.[:0]
          I watched him install an alternator one time and he managed to snap the 5/16ths bolt that secures the adustment arm. This just after I warned him it could happen with his idea of "tight".[8]

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            "Tighten bolt until it breaks, then back off 1/8" turn." This always worked for me! [:0]