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Installing spring pads...

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  • Installing spring pads...

    Question is.... 64 Hawk. I pulled the front springs and each one had, what I thought were broken, old isolators at each end. The pieces were half circles, taped at the joints and inserted on top and bottom of the spring. The spring numbers from my car are 1547374*HD. The car has A/C
    SI catalog has new isolators (#526249) and they're one piece circles, presumably to be installed on top and bottom of the spring on 50-66 cars.

    Going to the shop manual, (After 1960), it shows a half circle isolator, placed on the coil below the 1st full top coil and taped in place. It mentions nothing on TOP of the spring and nothing on the BOTTOM of the coil either....

    Chassis parts manual (1510-7) shows isolator (526249) only for 59, 60, 64, but not for HD springs which are # 1561664 (cars with A/C)

    My springs are 1547374 (63KV, with A/C), that uses the 526249 isolator. So, the previous owner made some more sausage here......

    This infers that 64 Hawks with A/C had NO spring isolators, except, maybe, the half circles, between the coils. Metal to metal?
    Has anyone seen cars without rubber pads on top and bottom of the spring? Do they squeak?
    After I got it all back together, it sits a bit high, but the front sheet metal isn't back on it yet... Could it be the isolators are raising it too much?


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    Those spring isolators are there to keep the spring from gouging the a-arms and making squeeking noises. SI and others have the stock type made of rubber which will probably last for 50 years, but if you want to spend the money Prothane has urethane ones for 4 times the price. They fit 73-up Chevelle/Monte Carlo, 70-up Camaro/Firebird and 75-up Novas. Also Pro-tec makes soft, medium and hard spring rubbers that will give a little height or boost to sagging or worn springs, these are 3/4" or so thick


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      .... I know what they're for....
      It's just that the 59-64 chassis manual, Page 430, specifically states that:
      1510-7 - 526249 - Insulator, front spring, rubber .... 59, 60 & 64 cars } Not used with HD. Springs

      1510-7 - 1552608 - Insulator, front spring, rubber .... 61, 62, 63 cars } Not used with HD. Springs

      1552808 are the half circles / 526249 are the full circles..

      So what did the factory do, on the cars with HD springs?
      64 GT Hawk (K7)
      1970 Avanti (R3)


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        On HD, air conditioning and Avanti the original springs are shorter and at Frost & French Stude. we sold and installed them with the 1560408 (1510-8) 1/2" alluminum spacers on A/C cars to regain the ride height and YES you are correct -no rubber insulators on all HD springs!
        But do not use spacers without the extra weight of A/C or it will be REALLY high.

        For anyone else out there buying or installing today's new springs, I recommend having them custom made to original Stude. specs because the "one size fits all" Sasco HD springs are made to CORRECTLY fit only one model. But Stude. had dozens of part numbers to fit each "FRONT END" weight of each body type, so that the ride and height are correct. And yes they are all available plus custom ride height adjusted ones.

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