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1950 Champion motor help needed

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  • 1950 Champion motor help needed


    I am finishing up the rebuild on my 50 Champion 6 and have a slight problem. There is a hole in the block that I cannot identify. Left side of the engine, the oil filler tube goes in the left front of the block. This is followed by the distributor and then the dipstick. Near the rear of the block is another hole about 1-1/4" diameter, angled down into the oil pan. Neither the chassis manual nor the repair manual have a photo or description of the left side of the motor. I have attached a photo of the hole in question.

    Anyone tell me what goes in this hole????[B)] Next time I will be smart enough to take photos before I take things apart.

    Tim Porter
    Hebron Illinois
    1950 Champion 2dr

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    I think what you have is a replacement bare block or factory assembled short block. One of these engines would probably not have an engine number stamped on the smooth pad at top, left, front of block. It would (or did) have a metal tag in area with an engine number on it. These engines were made to be used in a truck or a car, and came with instructions to install the dip stick tube and/or filler tube in the front for a car, or the rear for a truck. I think the plug was just a cup type freeze plug.

    Dwain G.


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      Plug it! It's an alternative oil filler hole as on this here Weasel engine!

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        I suspected as much, but it has so long (2 months) since we tore the engine down that we could not remember.

        In goes a freeze plug.

        Hopefully, this puppy will hit the pavement before the end of summer.


        Tim Porter
        Hebron Illinois
        1950 Champion 2dr