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R2 Avanti for sale

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  • R2 Avanti for sale

    I'll be putting my R2 on Ebay this or next weekend. I doubt there are many as nice as this one. It has around 35000 original miles on it and inside, outside and underneath look about 98% perfect. A rep. from the new Avanti factory said it could pass for a new one until one had time for a closer look. It is in the upholstry shop now getting one of very few blemishes fixed by replacing the carpet with a carpet kit I bought from Studebaker International. The only problem I have with it is that I can't get the engine timed right and there are two oil leaks, one on the front main seal and the other on the pinion seal. I intend to fix this before I put it up for sale. So I may not get to complete these tasks before this weekend.
    There are alot of parts, many that are NOS and hard to find Avanti and Studebaker parts as well as an old collection of Turning Wheels that I will probably sell separately but I have a R2Avanti parts car that goes with the Avanti to whoever buys it. MY reserve will be around 20000. I hope that someone who will appreciate this car more than me will get it. I think the vin number is r1982 but I'd have to make sure . I am in Wedowee Alabama (where nobody has ever heard of these) and my email is if anyone wants any pics. or has Questions about it. This site has been my only link to the Studebaker world and I have not forgotten how so many people from all over took time to help me solve the many problems I had getting this car going after being in storage so long, thats why I thought I'd mention it here first before it goes on Ebay.
    Thanks--- Charley

    63 R2 Avanti

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    Charley, Don't switch, fix! Keep the durn'll get it right. At least that's what I keep telling myself.



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      Good to hear from you. Yea, I still got the thing. It stays in the garage where it belongs. I have resolved that it truly does hate me but it may be warming up. You remember the thing with it pulling left? Well, you won't believe this, but after about 6 months of sitting in the garage, I took it out and noticed the pull left thing just stopped. I have no explaination for it. Weird, huh? I should keep it, but its too nice to drive and I'm nervous when I do and its not fast enough. Keep in touch

      63 R2 Avanti


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        Charley, Good to hear from you and that your pulling left has disappeared ( that is WEIRD!). I don't think our cars hate us, but........sometimes a former owner will screw things up so badly that it will take a while to sort through things. But how could it have ceased pulling left? And you have NO frame cracks where the front cross member is welded(and riveted) to the main frame rails? That is odd, to say the least! As for FAST (or more CORRECTLY, quick), maybe I'm getting old but mine is plenty quick enough for my taste. I'm afraid of breaking an axle shaft so treat mine rather gently until I get the shafts replaced with the flanged type now on the market. I'll bet if you get a couple things worked out that you'll be satisfied with the performance--I know I am... and I try and not exceed 4500 rpm with mine (I've seen 5300rpm only once and wouldn't want to try for more as I don't know how accurate those old tachometers are). Mine still seems quick at only 4500rpm......probably not getting much at all from the supercharger. I hate to see you sell it, but you gotta do....... Stay in touch.

        wagone (alias Bill)