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What buffer to buy

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  • What buffer to buy

    Do you have a recommendation for a good buffer for polishing your paint to perfection?

    Don Wilson
    53 Commander Hardtop
    64 Champ 1/2 ton
    Centralia, WA

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    I bought a Milwaukee around 10 years ago and it does beautiful work. A body man friend steered me in this direction. He said to buy first quality and get first quality work. He was correct once again.


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      quote:Originally posted by ddub

      Do you have a recommendation for a good buffer for polishing your paint to perfection?
      Porter Cable 7424...pretty much the industry standard.

      Dick Steinkamp
      Bellingham, WA


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        I love my Makita, it's not as heavy as some of the others.

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          quote:Originally posted by JDP

          I love my Makita, it's not as heavy as some of the others.

          I have often heard that there are a lot of Makita counterfeits in the market. How do you avoid that other than trying to deal with a reputable dealer?


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            Good forum to ask these questions. A lot of body repair and restoration guys on here.

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              I'm waiting for Ron Dame to see this thread and tell us what he thinks of Craftsman buffers (it's not particularly complimentary...)


              55 Commander Starlight
              55 Commander Starlight


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                I use a Griot's air driven buffer (you can get an electric one) with 3 grades of cleaner---depending on the haze and one polish. Griot's is on-line with all of the supplies. Excellent, very very light weight, easy to use, and does not burn the paint. Several people near here in Kansas and Missouri are using same. I was referred by a couple of them...brad


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                  Can't beat the old B&D from the 60's yep, mine's still running after a set of new brushes and a power cord 1750 RPM with the new velcro back up plate and foam pads. Almost imposible to "burn" the edges. Best invention since the shirt pocket. JMO

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                    I got an old B&D like Dan great for building up your fore arms too.I also got a new Makita lighter n just as good,and an air buffer grinder great for sharp corners as you can adjust speed with air volume.Just remember like "smokey the barr' says only you can prevent paint burn .Take your time and use patience.And after buffing use a good clay bar to remove any swirls n you be amazed at the luster it has.

                    David Baggett Mantachie,Ms.


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                      The key to using the ole' B&D is to let the weight work for yuu not against you. That is one of the drawbacks of the light weight air buffers, you have to keep pressure on it to get the job done. They're great in tight spots and the vertical surfaces, but require more work on the flat ones.

                      Road Racers turn left AND right.


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                        Sounds like everyone is pretty happy with what they have. Maybe this is one tool where you can't go wrong.

                        Don Wilson
                        53 Commander Hardtop
                        64 Champ 1/2 ton
                        Centralia, WA
                        Don Wilson, Centralia, WA

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