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I hope Jerry won't mind.....

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  • I hope Jerry won't mind.....

    , but I'm gonna repost his offer from another forum. I doubt anyone's taken him up on it.

    "My computer has been messed up for about a month now and have not been able
    to get on the NG.
    Any way I have a 51 land cruiser that needs to go it is minus Trans.but
    pretty complete otherwise it has an engine and it turns.It may even run but
    I have never tried it. It also has surface rust but no rust thru that I can
    see. If I can not give it away it will go to the crusher. I don't have time
    to part it out but if some one needs parts come and pull them and they are
    yours. It would make a great parts car or could be a restoration project. It
    is north of Tucson AZ"

    I can put you in touch with Jerry if need be. He DOES post to this forum occassionaly.[8D]

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    Darn darn darn.... Always wanted a '51 LC. Wonder how I could get it hauled and then hide it?

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