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Stude Avanti radiator

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  • Stude Avanti radiator

    I'm going for an aluminum radiator for my 70 Avanti. Right now it has an NOS original 2 row installed, which was the same as the Stude version. It seemed ok with the old engine and A/C, but can't keep up now.
    My car's in the shop getting painted and I can't get to it right now.
    Does anyone know, offhand, the width measurement for the radiator, not including the mounting flange.

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      Ok, 27 inches....fair enough. But what is the width of the opening in the body (fiberglass) at the point where the radiator installs? I know that's an odd question, but I am serious.[?][?] Is it also just 27 inches or more?

      wagone and the R2 Avanti


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        wagone, The metal frame that the radiator sets in is 19 1/4" X 24 1/2" inside. Now you didn't say the cavity in front of the radiator or behind. but I have put in Northern Radiator, aluminum racing radiator 19" X 28" with just a couple of angle brackets and it fits with about 1/4" on both sides.