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49 Champion Six - Pan Gasket

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  • 49 Champion Six - Pan Gasket

    Have new pan gasket set at the ready, engine on stand and have some concern about the cork gasket for the rear seal and its positioning into the bearing cap groove. Since the cork seal is being applied into a rather small radius as compared to the front seal, my concern is that there might be a chance of the gasket cracking while being bent to this diameter. Have heard various tips about soaking the cork to allow for this maneuver.
    Any insight or direction you can afford will surely be appreciated. This somewhat anal curmudgeon would like to have a non oil dripping engine in my Stude, if possible...subjective thinking for sure..

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    Walt, if it's a fairly new gasket, I doubt it will break. An Older one now..... that's a risk. I'd suggest immersing it in a pan of water that's been brought to a boil. Turn off the heat after you get the water boiling, drop that buggar in and then let it float in there for awhile.
    Then, without the intent of doing the final install, set it in place on the cap and gently lower the pan in place - while the gaskets still warm from it's swim - and let the weight and shape of the pan/beraing cap work to give the gasket shape. Let it be for awhile, until you're finally ready to mount the pan for good.[^]
    Well, that'd be MY approach anyway. I'm sure others will chime in! I've used shrunken cork gaskets by hot-water soaking and using them before they dry out and shrink again. I rarely bother doing this with shrunken paper gaskets. Gasket paper is too cheap not to just get out the shears and gasket hole punches.

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      That which you have stated sounds good and makes a world of sense.
      Gasket is new and after the soak will let the pan weight as you suggest do the conforming to the desired shape.
      Had a bit of advice awhile back to just use 100% Silicone RV Gasket maker in lieu of any cork materials...[?] Now being old school-- I shall do the cork and shape accordingly.
      Thanks a lot !!

      '49 Champion Starlight Coupe
      1936 Miller Replica/ Stude driveline
      Fond du Lac,Wisconsin


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        Be sure to look at that cork seal closely... note: it is NOT square.[:0] It is tapered down one side for ease of installation on the rear main bearing cap. I've found 3M Super Weatherstrip Adhesive, AKA "gorilla snot", work very well keeping it in place,, don't forget the little cork squares that go under each end of the cork strip. Good luck.

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