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Carburater Exchange

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  • Carburater Exchange

    I have a 1947 Studebaker Champion with a Carter Model WE-532S carburater. My motor number is 328450. Can a Carter Model WS-661S or Carter Model WE-715S be used to replace the Model WE-532S.

    Thanks for any information,

    Bill Morgan

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    more than likely you can use the different carbs probadly need to get carb getted to suite . on the 283 with fitting the holly 4 bll i had to have different size jets so the motor could run smooth so i would say it would be so with your 47 model car as long as the carb fits over manifold proper good luck pete


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      Yes the 661-S and 715-S will work on your 47 Stude champion. I have a 715-S on my 48 champion now. The only difference are interal to improve performance, gas milege, and drivability. Champ


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        BTW, Bill I forgot to mention that a shop manual is a very handy tool to have when working on your Stude.They are available from most Stude. vendors for 28 to 30 dollars. Also welcome to the forum! Champ


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          Nothing to add re: carbs.

          Just wanted to welcome you as well. 47's are cool. Post pictures when you have them.

          Bob (stude53)[8D]


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            To all,

            Thanks for the information. A picture can be found on the Atlantic Zone meet annoucement.