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Power Bakes

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  • Power Bakes

    I'm in need of help/suggestions on an aftermarket power brake unit/booster for a 63 Avanti conversion to both front and rear disc brakes set-up. Also, would the adjustable type proportioning valve sold, work fine on this set-up? I'm using the new Turner front disc brakes and 80's Caddy aftermarket disc brakes on the rear.

    All ideas suggestions are appreciated. This is now been a year and half project on this Avanti and it is ready for its last block sanding and priming/sealer. This has been a frame off project and I'm hoping that everything will work right!

    If anyone is taking an Avanti to the Iola car show, I would love to see your car. Thanks, for all the help!

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    I've had the exact same setup on my (1970) Avanti, since around 1998. Mine uses a booster from a mid 80's Buick T-type and a GM MC for disc/disc cars( 1.125" piston). Silicone fluid... No need for a prop valve and I've stood on the brakes, without lockup.

    The one thing you'll surely need is a different set of rims. I wound up installing a set of 16" alloys...

    64 GT Hawk (K7)
    1970 Avanti (R3)