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Windage tray for 170 engine

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  • Windage tray for 170 engine

    Does any one have a design for a windage tray that will fit in a studebake 170 engine. I'm have an engine being rebuilt for my 1952 starlight. I have oversized the valves, installed dual carberators, dual exhaust and electronic ignition. I would like to find information about how to make a windage tray to go into the oil pan, preferrably bolt to the bottom of the mains. I know it sounds extreme but I am trying to ring out every bit of horse power I can out of this tiny little engine. It's my understanding that a windage tray can save a few horse power loss through whipping the oil but more importantly can help to reduce oil temperature. I'd appreciate any information anyone can send me or if someone has a tray who is willing to part with it, let me know.


    Joseph Williams

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    Option 1 - Measure a stock main cap fastener. Then measure the distance from the cap to the lowest part of the crank. Call ARP...tell them what you want to do...give'em the dimentions you have and hope they have something usable.

    Option 2 - Do what I'm doing for my V-8. Like the Avanti R option pans, the windage tray was welded into the pan. I'm making an R series type tray but with louvers to direct oil into pan and not back again. I just haven't decided whether to weld it in or bolt it in.

    There's probably more options...but there's two for you to ponder.



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      Mike, thank's for the infomation. I emailed ARP, their reply was "we do not stock that part". I will try to call to see if they have something I can modify. If you have a design, that you can share, please email at