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Dana 44 twin trac change over..

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  • Dana 44 twin trac change over..

    Hello all! Question.. I currently have a Dana 44 3.31 non posi. Is it possible to get another rear and put in the posi carrier and keep the same ratio? I am not too up on how this works, but I would like to put in the required parts in the current axle without changing it all..Is this possible? Thanks!!

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      Mr. Biggs, thanks for the answer. Is this a big project? Any tips on the change over? Thanks!!


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        Changing gears isn't a big job unless you've never done it before. Certain tools are required for proper set up. I would suggest going to your local 4x4 shop and have them set it up. If you're going to do them yourself, following the directions in the manual will suffice. They also give the specs on the gear lash and torque specs.

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          You should be able to use the posi carrier in the rear end you presently have, if the case is one that uses 3 series gearsets, and the spline count on the axles matches your carrier spline count. Setting pinion depth will not be necessary, but making sure you have the proper preload shims on the carrier bearings is. It is a tighter fit than you might think. You must set the backlash, which is the amount measured in thousandths of an inch, that the ring gear will turn in either direction when you keep the pinion gear from rotating. The shim thickness on each side of the carrier bearings affect this, as well as bearing preload. If you are familiar with the procedures, and have a solvent tank, compressed air, dial indicator and base and torque wrench,etc., you can do this. Everything must be cleaned and degreased, and all bearings inspected first,and new seals installed to get good results. I will say that most enthusiasts farm this job out.


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            Be sure the TT unit you use is from a 3.73 or LOWER number. The 3.92 and higher numbers are a different thickness.



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              Thanks for the tips guys, I may farm this one out after all. Thanks again, I had no idea weather this would work and what all was involved...You guys are the best!!! I have always got good advice from this forum...