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T5 Hawk

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  • T5 Hawk

    I bought a T5 mustang trans for my 62 Hawk. It was originally an automatic, so I've got some parts to scrounge up. I'm considering using the automatic bellhousing with a hydraulic throwout bearing. My measurments are promising; I think I just need a doughnut spacer and redrill the bellhousing. But of course a stude flywheel. Any tips on changing the ring gear for my automatic starter, or what would have the throwout bearing I need? Do I have to go to a manual starter, and would it fit the auto bell? Do lark pedals fit? what about truck--R-5? Thanks Mike. "Keep it simple, Studebakerer"

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    Interesting approach. For sure, you'd have to get a stick shift starter. It's nose length determines it's reaching the plane of the ring gear (which is different from the plane of the gear on a torque convertor)I do think it would bolt up to the auto bell tho.

    Lark pedals??? What year Lark? The swing pedals aren't a bolt-in by any stretch. Of course, anything can be MADE to fit. I wouldn't rule out brand X parts since you're going cusstom on this anyway[}]

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