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1952 studebaker champion

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  • 1952 studebaker champion

    hi can anybody tell me were i can get a outside sunvisor for a 1952 studebaker champion?

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    Alex, you might keep an eye on Ebay. I've seen them there from time to time. Also, maybe with a call or email to some of the vendors who advertise in TW you could get lucky.


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      Alex, also if you're an registerd eBay user
      you can go into "My eBay" and post a "Want
      It Now" request. This may or not be succesful,
      but it does go out to a large audience, and
      who knows, someone may have an outside sunvisor
      sitting around. But do as Tom suggested check
      with the vendors in TW.

      Good Luck on your search!

      Glen Brose
      53 Champion 2 dr Sedan