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Paint question

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  • Paint question

    Guys - I'd like to try to work out some of the dull spots on my Studes, which includes all of them. I've used acrylic enamel for them all and gave them all 'healthy' coats at the time I painted them. Please feel free to add and/or correct anything I get wrong here in what I think I need to do.

    Gently wet sand the areas affected with 1500 grit, taking care near edges especially...then use a buffing compound on a drill or DA-driven wheel? Followed by a polishing buff?

    I'm a little hesitant to begin grinding away at my paintjob. Was thinking about stopping by the paint supply shop Monday for the right compounds and wheels. Any good or bad results you'd like to share would be most welcome. I understand there is a clearcoat for acrylic enamels that I might consider for two of my dullest paintjobs. <G> Would that be a viable fix? Thanks!

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    Forget the drill and DA,buy a buffer-then practice on a paint job you don't care too much about. A buffer can cost from $50-$300,and results will vary directly with how much you spend.
    Some counter men actually use the products they sell,some wouldn't know which end of the can to open.Maybe you could get some advice from a local bodyman?? [A patient painter could look at your paint job and tell you where you went wrong]
    As far as clearcoating over enamel,there are a hundred 'gotchas'on that process.Not trying to be a smart@@@ here,but if you can't lay the enamel on slick,how are you going to lay clearcoat on slick?



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      If you painted with acrylic enamal and theres dull spots you did something wrong. In preparation or in mixing or spraying.When you finish spraying with acrylic enamal it should be just as slick as any 2 stage paint.And as 52 Hawk said if you anit got a shine now spraying on a "clear " wont help now.If sprayed correctly there wont be any new to wax or buff the paint for a long time.