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Stearing box lube

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  • Stearing box lube

    Is 80w- 90 Gear Oil ok for stearing box? I notice some special gear oil for sale.

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    Curt - You'll get a dozen different answers to that one, but I have had success with CV joint grease. It's not runny and it's cheap. Comes in a toothpaste type tube and I will pack it in a syringe (sp?) to easily squirt into the box.


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      Two considerations with the "Ross" box are that it's supposed to have a liquid lube that can flow; and you should avoid HP lubes with chlorine as the HP additive. Chlorine especially attacks the bronze parts.
      The big problem often is that anything that flows, flows out the pitman arm shaft.
      You can replace the seal; and use 30W motor oil; especially if you have power steering with an external ram.
      On an Avanti, there's a level plug on the side of the box, so you don't overfill. The fill plug is vented.
      Mike M


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        Mike and all, are the HP additives ( chlorides and bronze crosive additves) in gear oil like 85w - 90?


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          Mi9ke I see you did answer my question about chlorides.[xx(]


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            I got a tube of Red Line CV-2 grease, replaced the plug on the steering box with a grease zerk, and filled 'er up. Forced out what little 'lube' was left; steering works fine for a year now, no more leaks.

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