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  • Generic Wiring Harness....

    Looking the situation over on the Packebaker, I think it would be a good thing to replace the wiring for safety and reliability. The insulation is brittle. Thing is, you can't just go down to the FLAPS or your local Packard Dealer and order a new harness. SASCO has quite a few numbers available for complete harnesses for V8 Larks and so forth. I was wondering if one of these in particular might be easily modified to fit the Packebaker by using leads and connectors specific for my 58 and carefully splicing it onto the new non-original harness. I believe these harnesses are one assembly for the underdash and engine compartment. Anyone ever done this?

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    I just talked to Carl at Studebakers West. I asked him about your needs and he said that while the harnesses are VERY similar to a same year Stude, the special lite sockets and such (mostly associated with the dash) would have to be transferred to the new harness to make it work. Sounds to me (being an ex-aircraft electrical type) like an easy bit of work to end up with a new harness!
    They are, in fact, making up such a harness for a '57 Packard wagon at this time.

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