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    As far as rings "breaking in", what's happening is the rings and cylinder wall polish each other up. Kind of like getting your shoes broke in, they have to stretch in the right places to fit your foot. That's why you need to hone or use a glaze breaker on the cylinder when installing new rings. The cylinder wall is polished so smooth there isn't enough rough stuff to slick things up. I guess an oil that was too "slippery" would act the same way.


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      Talked to a gentleman today and he mentioned the same stuff you'all talked about from GM E.O.S or fluid from red line. It dosen't apply to hydraulic systems so new stuff need not worry, I will be getting my motor back soon so I wanted to know the best way to break it in. Rottella is best however I have to find somebody carrying it.

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      Studebakers forever!


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        Rottella is best however I have to find somebody carrying it.

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        I have not come across an auto parts store here that did not have it in on the shelf.
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          My AutoZone manager told me in December about Rotella taking the zinc out of their mix. He said that happily it is still in STP. Who knew?

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            They only REDUCED the Shell Rotella T to meet Gov. & SAE standards. Chevron Delo 400 is just as good. Also I called the Oil Engineering Dept. at Kendall Oil Co. and asked for the best flat tappet cam wear protection oil and was told by an Engineer that the best out there is Kendall Super D3 10-30 or 15W-40 with 1400 PPM of the sulphur/zinc compound additive!!![^]

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              quote:Originally posted by studelover

              I was with the engine builder today and heard a conversation about oils. I was told that they have been systematically removing zinc from the oil that we use because it is hurting the catalitic converters. The zinc is a cleaner and very important for rebuilds in the break in period. GM is asking machine shops to get a prelube mix to put in gm motors that have been rebuilt. The oil Rottell (Excuse my spell) had the zinc removed from it in January. I guess nothing is safe in this time. Anybody heard anything about this, are we suppose to be concerned?

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              If you use CI-4 or CI-4Plus, oil, you DO NOT need additives.
              The November Issue of the Avanti Mag will have an extensive article on

              You can still find CI-4/CI-4Plus oils out there, but NOT at big box/
              auto stores. In commercial and rural areas, you can easily find the
              older stuff. I did a quick survey of VOA/PDS in preparation for the
              article for the November Avanti mag. Below is a list of what I have
              found "on the shelves" and meeting the criteria from the article.

              >>>>After the research, I went to my local NAPA and bought the entire store stock of
              NAPA Universal Fleet Plus, 15w-40, CI-4Plus, (high zinc/TBN/calcium).
              At $9.55 per gallon, 2.39 per quart, it is tough to beat!<<<<

              "Good Oils" from July 2007 study

              > 15w-40 CI-4/Plus "Dino"

              Best: Cummins/Valvoline Premium Blue Classic, Pennzoil Long Life,
              Chevron Delo 400 (not "LE"), Kendall Super D 3, 76 Guardol QLT
              Good: NAPA Universal Fleet Plus, Caterpillar DEO, John Deere Plus-50,
              Lucas 15/40 Magnum,
              Satisfactory: Castrol GTX Diesel, Motorcraft Super Duty, Pilot Premium

              > 5w-40 CI-4/Plus Synthetic

              Best: Shell Rotella T Synthetic, Cummins/Valvoline Premium Blue Syn
              Classic, Red Line Diesel Synthetic

              These oils may be reformulated before you buy.
              Do your research!

              Terry, North Texas
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