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Wheels for 62 half ton

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  • Wheels for 62 half ton

    Can someone tell me what wheels (rims) will match my 62 half ton pickup lug pattern. Ford? Chevy? ...?
    Please e-mail to or call (512)963-8444.
    Larry in Austin, Tx

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    There are later rims with the same bolt pattern, but I believe that you get into problems with the center hole diameter and the way that the back sits on the drum. I know that others have solved this problem and hope that they chime in here.

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    Gary L.
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      I used a set of wheels from our local tire dealer that fit a Chevy truck. I believe they are 5" on 5" with spacers in behind them to allow the drum and wheel surfaces to mate properly. They put chrome nuts on that had a deeper shoulder so that there was plenty of thread contact.
      I put a set of Buick wheels on my T-Cab way back in the '70's. Same thing, spacers and different wheel nuts.


      Brian K. Curtis


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        There are some late 80's Chevy van wheels, 5 x 5 that will fit the Stude half ton without spacers or adapters. Go to Studebaker truck talk and do a search on this topic


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          There's also some 80s Caddy wheels that will fit without spacers as well as the stamped steel wheels from a 75 Lincoln Town Car. (I'm sure these Lincoln Town Car wheels were used on other Ford products as well, I just don't know which ones - maybe JDP could look up a cross-reference for us in his Hollanders books[}])

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