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Borani wire wheels

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  • Borani wire wheels

    They came with my 74 Avanti and a soft wheel knock with each revolution has become noisey over time. Rechecked the lugs and brake hardware for tightness and cranked the hub down tight. I swapped the front wheels with another Stude in the garage and had no knock, so it figures to be the wire wheels. I took a wrench to each spoke, thinking there might be some loose ones but they were seemingly all okay. Bearings are good and brakes look fine, stops okay. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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    Have you spun them to see if they are still straight? The wheel can get bent and the spokes still seem tight; in fact, wrenching the spokes can put it out. A bent wire wheel can start playing a tune like a tenor drum.

    When I bought my Rockne one of the wheels had a visible wobble. I sent it to a shop in Altoona, Pa and it came back true. They straightened it by wrenching the spokes.
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      I hope that's it. I'll take the wheel to a nearby tire shop today, thanks!


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        The tire shops will just try to sell you something they will not play with wire wheels. First thing to check is the splines on the adapters they will start to knife edge, make shure they are not worn it will clunk there first. Then to check the trueness of the wheels, remove the tire and put the wheel on the rear, just the rim put it in neutral and put a dial indicator on the rim where the tire mounts and turn it. Then move the dial indicator so that it rides on the inside of the rim where the side of the bead sits, this is to check for wobble.


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          I agree with Alan, worn or damaged splines cause wheel noise.

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            <<First thing to check is the splines on the adapters they will start to knife edge, make shure they are not worn it will clunk there first>>

            Dang, that's what's happened. The car has nearly 100k miles. Can I assume each wheel is going to eventually do this? Heck, I'd rather get another set of mags from Summit than mess with these wires. I'm sure a new set of Italian hub adapters would cost as much. sheesh!


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              Have you tried Dayton? I think they work on Borranis, they may sell new hub adapters for them as well. Not sure if you need new hubs or not though, that might get spendy.


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                Yeah, Nate, I called them and they put me onto a distributor in Colorado. Thanks! Thank heavens for the internet. I can't imagine how I'd begin to track something like this down back in the stone age. <G>