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Brake Parts

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  • Brake Parts

    Hey everyone! I'm a new guy; going to be buying a '63 or '64 Champ that's been sitting for about 15+ years. I have never seen one on the road in my 39 years of living so since it's all original I figured I would buy it. Anyways, once I get it home I figured I would replace the brake components (wheel cylinders, shoes, etc...)and would like to know where do I go to purchase these items? Ugly truck but it sure is different which makes it of interest to me. Appreciate your responses.

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    The first thing that you should do is join the Studebaker Drivers Club (this site). You will find that there are many vendors of NOS, used and repro parts. It will take awhile for you to get your first publication, Turning Wheels. In the meantime, major vendors include; Studebaker International, SASCO and Stephen Allen.

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      They are easy to work on, the parts are cheep and I guarantee it's looks will grow on you.


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        The "Home" page of this website will provide links to the major vendors, and many of the parts you need will still be available at your Friendly Local Auto Parts Suppliers.

        If you don't join SDC now, when you do join--and you will--you will regret the time you waited.

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          The 63-64 Champs 8E series) had improved brakes over the earlier versions. Parts should be relatively easy to find. That's assuming it's a half ton variety (8E5 or 8E7)

          BTW, I've got SOME brake parts (used) if it comes to that. But shoes and cylinders AND hoses can be had from vendors. Make SURE you change those hoses - cheap insurance against bad consequnces!

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            Welcome to Studedom. I own an 8E7 and guarantee you will enjoy driving it and the attention it gets. Lots of what is it and who made it questions. Several years ago I was able to buy original factory seat upholstry and door panels from Phantom Auto Works. Don't know if they still have any.

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              Thanks Guys! Nice to see a great "Welcome" and advice or commentary.