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51 Champion 6 cyl w/OD

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  • 51 Champion 6 cyl w/OD

    The overdrive on my Champion 4 door, 6 cylinder with overdrive doesn't want to shift down out of overdrive when I push down on the accelerator all the way. What do I need to check or fiz? Roger

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    kickdown switch on throttle linkage and associated wiring...

    good luck


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      As a temporary measure until you solve the problem you can get it to shift down by turning the ignition off and back on quickly.

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        My 51 Champion comes out of OD when I push the pedal all the way down only once in a while, but I can get it to come out every time if I let of the gas for a moment then mash it to the floor.


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          Thanks for your feedback guys. I will try your ideas. Roger


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            When my kickdown wasn't working I would just shift to second gear! Champ [8D]


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              Have you tried adjusting the threads on the kickdown switch that's mounted on the accelerator bellcrank, to give a more positive contact when you want to drop out of OD?
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