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Studebaker Photos Link--Opps

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  • Guido
    Look to be multifuel engines out of military trucks. Remember that military trucks continued to be built in South Bend after Studebaker closed. The government would pull the engines and R & R them. If I recall, there was some discussion on this a couple of months ago on the Studebaker Truck Talk site.

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  • mbstude
    LOTS of stuff I'd love to have. Wonder what all those engines are. [?]

    Matthew Burnette, the 16 year old Stude nut.
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    And here too:

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  • Dick Steinkamp
    quote:Originally posted by stall

    sorry guys
    Great pictures...spooky, but great.

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  • showbizkid
    Sure hope someone rescued these documents...

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest started a topic Studebaker Photos Link--Opps

    Studebaker Photos Link--Opps

    sorry guys