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Need modern replacement for V8 valve stem seals

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  • Need modern replacement for V8 valve stem seals

    What are people now using for valve stem seals on Studebaker V8s? A friend is replacing them on his Hawk and would like to know. I used Clevite # 216-1021 seals the last time I put new valve stem seals in one of my Stude V8s (March 2002). They were listed for a 1960-69 Chevy 327 V8. Have any of you found a better umbrella-type seal for these engines? Dale

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    Got this from a Google search as I remember Lee's post on this subject.

    From: Lee -
    Date: Fri, Jun 18 2004 10:03 pm


    OK, I went, I looked and for once I am not a dumb a$$ and threw the
    box away <G>

    The Fel-Pro part number is SS-72683 and it says they fit 7/15/86 thru
    1992 140 CI and 302 CI Fords.

    Package also says it contains (8) 93647 Valve Stem Seals and they are
    a premium Viton seal (trademark DuPont) <G>"

    So theres one option. Try a Google search of for

    V8 valve stem seals as there are other ideas in there.


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      Another option, Fairborn Studebaker is selling exact duplicates of the original "umbrella" type seals but in a modern rubber that supposedly doesn't get hard within 10K miles like the originals. I'd like to try them, myself, just haven't had an excuse to. Only a few bucks more than the old rubber ones.


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        Thanks Transtar60 and Nate. I did search this forum but forgot about I haven't looked at that site for a long time. I will check it out. I don't know how the Chevy seals I used compare. I have 30,000 miles on the engine since installing them but haven't had the valve covers off since then to see how hard they have become. At least they were new production. I have several sets of the NOS seals but don't want to use them or give them to a friend unless I have to as I know there are newer ones made of longer lasting material. Dale


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          I've used those Ford seals for many different cars and they would be my first choice for anything with 5/16" valve stems.

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