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    Unfortunately unable to find photos taken and time has passed, I am unable to remember the brake line plumbing for the '55 President with Automatic Drive and the Power Brake Booster, along with the Anticreep Solenoid. Need help/scmematic.
    My Master Cylinder as TWO fittings.
    The Booster has TWO fittings.
    The Anti-Creep Solenoid has TWO fittings.
    Chassis Parts Book 55 Series Page 154 shows one fitting only on the MC, so that is NOT my car's configuration and in fact is per Page 2 Figure 4 of the '55 Service Manual for '55 with AD. And I am unable to interpret the rest of the figure on Page 154.
    I "think" the rear fitting of the anit-creep goes to the rear brakes but from there I cannot sort it out. I would also like to kmow how to plumb WITHOUT the anticreep solenoid with the power booster in place.


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    Your master cylinder has two ports, but one of them is plugged isn't it? You'll go nuts trying to figure it out by looking at the parts book. Your best bet is to trace down the pipes on an identical car, or write to Dave Mottle and buy a set of the instructions for installing a power brake kit in your car.

    Dwain G.


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      The anticreep line is plumbed through the rear brake line. The output of the MC goes into the hydovac, then out to the brake 'T" There is a bracket on the inner fender for the connection of the steel line to the rubber hydovac hoses.

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        Man, you are so right about the parts book and the service manual; they are useless for this. Motors Manual no coverage. No, although I have lost the photos and certain recollections of where the various lines go, the Master Cylinder on this car had lines running from both fittings on the rear. There was no plug. For sure there were two parallel brakes lines coming up the firewall and attaching to the Hydrovac but where they originated under the car is what I have lost tracaeability to. I did find one photo that indeed showed a line from the front of the anti-creep solenoid to the Master Cylinder, so from that I assume that line went to one fitting on the MC and the other just went to the rear brakes. And the brake line to the front Tee on the left side of the car that also contains the brakelight switch, comes from somewhere under the car and DOES not go to or from the Hydrovac.

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        \'55 Commander
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