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2R lower cab corner rust repair/patch panels

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  • 2R lower cab corner rust repair/patch panels

    Hi all,

    Has anyone ever tried the cab corner patch panels from Classic Enterprises? Just curious what peoples' experiences have been with fit and finish, etc. I am thinking about ordering some soon, but have also considered making my own (I'm fairly handy working with sheetmetal, but I'm sure it would take me forever)

    Any thoughts or opinions? I'm getting tired of stuff falling through these holes and onto the ground while I'm driving!

    Thanks in advance,

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    I have purchased floors and rockers for my 56 from CE and I am very pleased. The qaulity of product is very good. I would order again. I can not speak for the cab coners exactly but I would think they are going to be of the same qaulity. Good Luck.

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