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Stock Mirrors?

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  • Stock Mirrors?

    Me again, this time with a question about outside mirrors. The Production Order for my 63 Daytona Convertible has the mirrors listed as "AC3400". The ones that were on there when I bought the car are plastics and (I figure) have to be repros. I have search every Stude parts site that I know of and have not found any reference to AC3400. None. Howe Clark at Sude-International suspects a typo.

    Can anyone shed light on this issue? Thanks in advance.


    Jim's pride....
    1963 Daytona Convertible

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    Typo somewhere. AC3400 was/were maroon seat belts for 63 - 64.
    Skip Lackie


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      Well that's it Skip. My car does have maroon seatbelts. What a dummy. I saw the "L & R" designator after the AC3400 and (wrongly) assumed it meant mirrors. The "X84" preceeding the AC3400 must be the code for seatbelts, eh? Thanks for setting me straight.

      Jim's pride....
      1963 Daytona Convertible


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        Mirrors were most often dealer installed.

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