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Floor pan rust

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  • Floor pan rust

    My 1940 Commander has rust starting around the edges on the floor.
    It only has 36,000 original miles and I asume this rust is from setting for the last 20 years.

    I was going to clean it up and paint it but I have been told to just put oil on it and forget it. The floor pan is shinny metal except for an inch or two around the edges. I don't want to paint it if it would not be original any more. Any advice?

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    Wire brush it as clean as you can and then use POR-15. Then paint it. Don't oil it, as that will just put off the inevitable. It sounds like this will be a cheap and easy fix if you do it now. The longer you put it off, the worse it will be.


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      Oil would be messy and attract dirt & dust. I would consider some of the "rust neutralizer" that is on the market. I know POR15 has that in their product line. Works very well. You will need to repaint the treated area, but sometimes you can't help it. Afterall, your primary goal is to stop the rust. Anyone who sees it will understand. Hope this helps.
      Dan Miller


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        I switched over to Rust Bullet. For me it has been better than por15.

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          Thanks for the information. For my truck, it's too late to try Rust Bullet, since I've POR-15'd everything that needed treatment.

          But, for the benefit of others, I found (after much searching) a page on their site that shows independent lab test results of Rust Bullet vs. POR-15 and a number of others. Specimen #2 is Rust Bullet, and #8 is POR-15 (I found that out by doing a google site search on that site for POR-15). Anyway, here's the letter from the independent lab, which shows Rust Bullet to be as good or better than POR-15 in all the tests:

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