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  • interior finish

    Does anyone have any tricks to duplicating the interior paint in a 1940 Commander? The dash and window trim have a kind of fake wood grain finish.

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    I have seen articles on woodgraining in the past; never paid much attention as it is not something I need. Anyway you should be able to find info on how to do that. It was quite common in the 40's and I am sure you could find "how-to" articles in restoration books.

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      There are several companies around the country that can restore the woodgrain on interior dashes, trim, etc. Grain-it Technologies in Florida for one does the work and also sells kits for the DIY. I currently have all the interior pieces for my 1935 Dictator out to a fellow in Knoxville, TN to be restored. He was the most reasonable in price that I could find. Glenn Mayes or phone: (423) 585-0555.

      Hope this helps.



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        I watch Foose wood grain a dash using a Acetylene torch. He sprayed a brown base coas, then used the soot from a rich torch setting to fog the base coat. he smeared the soot aroun with a sponge for agrain effect, then clear coated it.

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