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GM motor transplant

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    Didn't make the valve covers themselves (they are aftermarket Stude covers). I did make the oil filler caps and the adapters to put the the Stude valve covers.


    quote:Originally posted by Dick Steinkamp

    quote:Originally posted by DEEPNHOCK

    After watching a '69 Z28 Camaro go for $140,000 on Barrett-Jackson it made me feel differently about the sbc engine in my yellow truck. It was also taken out of a '69 Z-28. (The whole front clip was).
    That is one sweet engine compartment, Jeff []. Right down to a perfect data plate. Did you make those valve covers?

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      It gets even sweeter once you drive it...

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        A bit more info here, on the modifications Keith's done to his Custom 55 Commander.
        Please note that all precautions were taken before Keith did any cutting or welding on this fuel tank! Primarily, the tank was vat-soaked by a radiator shop to remove any traces of old gasoline. This is a MUST DO before proceeding to bring flame or spark ANYWHERE near a fuel tank. It DOES NOT MATTER HOW LONG it's been since a used fuel tank has last seen any fuel in it! Remaining vapors can turn an old tank into an IED (Intensive Explosive Device) with the first hint of ignition![xx(][xx(][xx(] Believe me! I've seen several instances of proof thru my automobiling years.

        Those precautions spelled out, Keith wanted to incorporate that Camaro's in-tank fuel pump and insure that it would always be immersed in fuel as it must be. That's the reason for the sump added to the bottom of the tank. As yet untested, it looks like a good idea.
        Also, he's filled in the original pickup tube/sending unit hole and added the orfice/lockring setup from the Camaro's tank.

        This isn't an endorsement from me - just observations of another guy's handiwork.

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