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Lark Front Fender Comparison

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  • Lark Front Fender Comparison

    I finally got around to putting away some of the stuff I picked up at York and ended up with a couple Lark outer front fenders in hand. A pair from 1959/60 and a left fender from 1961/62/63. While I had them out I figured I'd do a little comparison.

    Over the years the subject comes up fairly often as to what the difference are between the different years. Generally it has been noted that the primary difference is the shape of the lower rear portion of the outer fenders, with the 59/60's having a buldge which wasn't used on the 61/62/63. Supposedly other than that they were pretty much the same.

    First I want to confirm that other than the rear lower section the 59/60 and 61/62/63 Lark outer front fenders apprear to be identical. All the mouning holes, flanges, wheel openings, etc. look to be the same. The only difference is in the lower rear section, however it is more than just the shape (buldge). The 59/60 fenders in this area are appoximately 1-1/2" deeper when measured along the back edge of the fender from the belt line to the bottom of the fender. In other words when mounted on the car the rear section is 1-1/2" closer to the ground on the 59/60's then on the 61/62/63's. This is also apparent in the rear mounting flange (which is used to bolt the fender to the cowl). The rear flange has one more section due to the extra length.

    This is hard to explain in writing so I've placed some photos showing the differences on the "Webshots" site. Hopefully here is a link to those photos(if the link doesn't work go to their site and do a keyword seach for Studebaker Lark Front Fender Compairison):

    1960 Lark Convertible

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    Interesting! Thanks dp.[your pic link works,by the way!]



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      Yes, thanks for posting the comparisons. I have been doing so much work to my dented/rusted drivers fender I am seeing it in my sleep. Almost there-maybe another two weeks of part time work and it will be ready for paint. I'd still like to find a pair or rust free inner and outer fenders. Anyone?


      63 Lark 2dr Sedan


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        Thanks again for the great pics. You have enlightened man of us. jimmijim
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