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NOSR Water Pumps, Fuel Pumps, Oil Seals, Brake Cyl

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  • NOSR Water Pumps, Fuel Pumps, Oil Seals, Brake Cyl

    Just wondering what effects time has on unused parts like these, just assuming they have had proper storage for several decades. Would it be wise to use them for a car that will be out on the road aways from home, or would it be risky to justify the saving by using 'em?

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    I wouldn't use a NOS fuel pump; I bought one for my '55 coupe and promptly rebuilt it, the diaphragm had taken a decided set and I've also heard that modern fuels aren't kind to old rubber.

    That said, I'd rather rebuild a NOS pump than a nasty old one (although I'll happily do either...)


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      I'm with Nate on this. As far as "rubber" lip seals, I'd say as long as they felt supple and smooth - they'd be OK. Maybe DEEPNHOCK knows better as he used to sell that stuff for a living.[8D]

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        Appreciate the input on this subject. Think I will buy a new repair kit for the fuel pump.


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          Have you got some silglide? I would silglide up the oil seals and go down to my local flaps for new kits for the wheel cyllinders. The fuel pump is junk as the old rubber is not compatable with todays fuels so at the least you will have to kit it and to be safe I would replace the seals in the waterpump since they probably dried out years ago.
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