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    Boy, that tale brought back a memory I hadn't recalled is some time, Nate.[B)] I had a Stude some time ago (don't remember which one it was even!) that was giving me fits with it's unpredictable stalling.
    Turned out there was a whole shop rag floating around in the damned gas tank. You might drive for some miles before it would get sucked against the pickup tube - and then you might not make it out of the driveway.
    All I could figure was someone had used the rag as a temporary gas cap at one time or another and it either got sucked into the tank or someone pushed it in in a moment of devilry.[}]

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      You don't think the problem could be a weak valve spring?

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        You have had all kinds of suggestions so I'll throw in another one. Check the distributor wires inside the cap. It has been known to have a bare wire that would short out as the distributor advances and/or retards. Since it would be retarding as you start up a hill (or depress the accelerator)this is a possibility.



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          Had a 48 Champ once that would not rev past a certain point. The throttle linkage was pushing the coil wire out of the top of the coil. When the accelerator was let up, the wire would spring back and make contact again.
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            I'm still trying to figure out the problem. It runs fine for about 8 seconds at full throttle ...and then it looses power and starts backfiring. I put a clear plastic fuel filter in the line. I think I got a clue when I saw a bubble come thru the line. There was more air in the filter after I ran around town than there was before I started. It very well could be a pin hole somewhere between the pump and the tank. It all looks like it should be replaced anyway, so that's the next project. Unfortunately, I might not have a day off to get the supplies and do the job for about three weeks until then, I'll just have to drive around town.

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              Once you get all the things looked at and still cant find what it wrong it may be simply that you dont have enough of an ignition system to fire of what is passing for gasoline these days. My 65 was driving me nuts about a year back and I went through everthing and it still was starving out When I got up around seventy and tried to pull a hill. Turns out that I had two problems. THem Carbs on the 6 cyllinder Chevy bakers have a vaccume plug in the carb that can fall out and when that happens you dont have much venturi vaccum. THat will not be your problem but the other could be. I installed a Pertronix unit inside the distributor and wow what a change. The old girl drives like she used to a hundred thousand miles ago....

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              If you car is ugly then it better be fast.....

              65 2dr sedan
              64 2dr sedan (Pinkie)
              61 V8 Tcab
              63 Tcab 20R powered
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              54 Champion Wagon
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